Unpublished Zines 2022

I’ve been publishing zines for many years, a selection of those can be viewed here, and a full bibliography can be read here. I’ve recently also published two monographs which can be viewed here. This year I would love to have some of my zines published by others, and that’s why I’ve contacted you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you find something interesting for an upcoming collaboration.

Please note: These are sketches of concepts, and I have no problem with change and suggestions.

You wore black, then white and last beige, 2022
14 x 20 cm, black and white, 20 pages
Watercolour drawings and polaroids from 2021-2022

Sans Soleil, 2022
14 x 20 cm, colour print, 20 pages
Polaroids from 2020-2021

Hunters Green, 2022
14 x 20 cm, colour print, 20 pages
Photographs from 2021

Sculptures, 2022
19,5 x 25,5 cm, colour print, 24 pages
Sculptures from 2021